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Fresh funds will go to scale up operations and introduce new features.
Philippine-based media and tech firm Kumu Holdings Pte. Ltd. has raised approximately $5 million (around P255 million) during its Series A funding round, the company announced Tuesday, April 14. Kumu is primarily a live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast to their ...
Some have called them the future of television.
It may not be for everyone, but noontime variety TV shows have become such an ingrained part of Filipino culture that for many people, it's basically a cult or even a religion. When the clock strikes 12, thousands of households turn the ...
Quiz Mo Ko is hosting a game show on February 1 with P1 million as prize.
The online quiz fever continues to sweep the country as yet another app dares to enter the industry.Livestream and content platform Kumu has relaunched its mobile game show, Quiz Mo Ko and is setting a jackpot worth P1 million for its telecast ...
Have you heard of Kumu?
If you find Facebook and Instagram insufferable but you still want to connect to like-minded people on the web, you might want to look into Kumu.With country-specific apps taking over smartphones in Asia, Kumu, developed by Roland Ros, was designed to be a “super ...
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