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Would Kurt Cobain have approved?
Kurt Cobain may have died 27 years ago, but his memory and music will live on forever. But, as in the case of many others who passed on to that great big rock concert in the sky way too early, fans have ...
It’s the headline item for a Music Icons event in June.
Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged is one of the band’s most well-known performances, which is why the guitar frontman Kurt Cobain used is garnering so much interest. The 1959 Martin D-18E featured in the November 1993 performance is going up for auction and experts say ...
Other finds from the Nirvana frontman included a rent receipt and a medical bill.
The owner of Seattle’s Easy Street Records came upon a hell of a findwhile cleaning his shop’s basement—a royalty check and other paperwork belonging to the late rock legend Kurt Cobain.Owner Matt Vaughan said that he made the discovery while going through a ...
There's a reason you're seeing them everywhere right now.
The past couple years have seen the balance of power in the hip-hop world tip decisively away from the traditional star system to a legion of young rappers coming up off of cheaply made digital mixtapes and, increasingly, tracks posted straight to ...
To mark what would have been the Nirvana frontman and grunge king's 50th birthday.
This story originally appeared on* Minor edits have been made by the editors. ...
On what would have been the Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday, one writer looks back on being a teenage Nirvana devotee, and wonders if he was part of the worst-dressed youth subculture that ever existed.
Kurt Cobain didn't care much for fashion. But unwillingly, he did set the style template for generations of angst-riddled teenagers, including mine.In all other counter culture movements, fashion has been integral. The hippies had their tie-dye and beads. The mods had their ...
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