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For Labor Day, let's give a thought to the children left behind when parents go off to work abroad.
(GULF NEWS, Dubai)Maryknoll Gunio was old enough to remember when her mother left to work in Malaysia and old enough to heed her mother’s instructions to take care of her younger brothers and father. “I get up at 5.35 every morning to ...
No rest for these celebs!
There is honor in doing an honest day’s work.It doesn’t matter whether you work in front of the camera or toil under the blazing heat of the sun. There’s no shame in doing everything you can to provide for your family.This Labor ...
We spoke to five pairs of professionals, each from different parts of the same field, to get their perspectives on the value of hard work.
MICHAEL DURANMetalworker and business partner at Artellano 11 for 15 years.HOW DID YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THIS LINE OF WORK?Pag-graduate ko ng high school, wala akong balak, wala akong course na alam. Ang ginawa ko, nag-vocational [courses] na lang ako sa TESDA: Welding. Kinarir ko na, kasi ‘yun na ‘yung ...
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