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Just dare order an 'expresso' in front of this guy.
The world is a little brighter, and that is not due to the arrival of spring in parts of Europe but the arrival of Adam Driver in parts of Europe, looking enjoyably un-Adam Driver and showing some sprezzatura while shooting Ridley Scott's ...
Things were actually sort of OK before Bezos ruined absolutely everything.
In the land before zero hours contracts, in an age prior to frozen pay packets and board members that never learned to share as children, billionaires weren't all that bad. No, really. They weren't chinless sociopaths who had the money for new chins. ...
The stunning 128.5-carat yellow diamond was discovered in 1877.
Tiffany & Co. is 180 years old. With a long, illustrious heritage, there are many tales to tell. It is these stories that are told in Vision & Virtuosity, a two-month-long immersive exhibition in Shanghai, with priceless jewelry pieces from its collection ...
You think it still makes you cool to write off Lady Gaga?
A little history lesson for those who want to write off Lady Gaga: Having learned piano at the age of four, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was just 11 years old when she was accepted into Juilliard, the prestigious Manhattan private performing arts ...
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