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More than 180 languages and 110 dialects later, 11 languages in the Philippines are said to be dying out, while four are now extinct. How is language going to evolve from here?
Philippine languages and dialects are a constant back-and-forth with ourselves and the events that have shaped the modern Filipino identity. Mapping them out is how we can trace our history and culture, even if it does expose some tough truths about our ...
The woke word authority updates 15,000 entries, adding 650 new words, to reflect the changing world.  
Though we are a stickler for rules, we recognize that language is not dead. Popular use pushes informal terms to the fore and de-emphasizes older words until they are but fading ink on paper.Top Story: Backhanded, Condescending Remarks You May Not Realize You're ...
Senator Pia Cayetano was wrong to say that our level of English proficiency is nakakahiya.
During a Senate hearing on Monday, Senator Pia Cayetano demanded to know why some broadcasters choose to air children’s programs dubbed in Filipino instead of their original versions in English. She wants kids to learn how to speak English as early as ...
Let's Facebook this, shall we?
How do you stop an entire nation from using a particular word that's been part of their culture for decades now? You take out a newspaper notice, apparently. At least, that's what Japan-based company Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. thought to do. A ...
You might learn a thing or two about Baybayin, Tagalog, and Philippine symbols.
Filipinos love their card games, but these Filipino card games made by and for Filipinos might teach you a thing or two about Baybayin, Tagalog, and Philippine culture. Instead of gambling, these card games lean more on the educational side, with tricky ...
Someone's gotta do it!
Does the above sign make you uncontrollably angry? Congrats, a new study says you're probably a douchebag. Kind of! New research from the University of Michigan, cheekily (or infuriatingly, if you're an asshole) titled "If You're House Is Still Available, Send Me an Email," was published earlier this month. For the study, 83 people were ...
Nothing like a warm-up challenge before FIBA.
Ang Gilas Pilipinas ay may hinaharap na matinding pagsubok sa kanilang pagsabak sa Fiba Asia Cup.Pero bago mag-umpisa ang labanan sa Agosto 9, ang ilan sa mga manlalaro ng Gilas ay napalaban sa isang kakaibang hamon.Para sa pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika, hinamon ...
Hint: When he says, “Uy, Harry Potter,” he isn’t taking you to Hogwarts.
Transportation in the Philippines is a world of its own, and it has evolved to own its own language—but some are harder to understand than others. Gladys Matias, a student of Ateneo de Manila University, produced an entire 76-page study decoding the jargon used by FX ...
Guilty if charged.
When you’re trying to make a point, using a phrase or expression incorrectly doesn’t just look silly—it can distract people from what you wanted to say in the first place. This is exactly what happened to blogger RJ Nieto when he said ...
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