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Love at first type.
I'm not a fan of PCs. I’d been avoiding working with them for over a decade, preferring user-friendly non-PC laptops. Specifically, those branded with a fruit name. PCs are for techies, right?So when Lenovo offered to send me a loaner of its ...
These are the best ultrabooks in the market right now.
A few years ago, Moore’s Law was slowly becoming archaic. Formulated in 1965 by Intel co-founder George Moore, then later revised in 1975, the law states that the transistors inside an IC or integrated chip doubled every two years. This continued miniaturization ...
You don't have to spend a lot for the best gaming laptops.
Do you always find yourself having to game on the go? Do you want the flexibility to 360 no scope noobs any place, any time? Is the Nintendo Switch too baby shit for you? (It’s not; get over yourself.) Then a gaming ...
New leaks give us a peek at the rumored "iPhone XC."
Apple is holding its much-hyped annual event Thursday, which means the rumor mill is going strong in preparation. In August, we saw leaked photos of what will allegedly be the iPhone XS and a bigger iPhone XS Max, Apple's new iPhone X ...
Power you can pack
Modern life demands that the most up to date technology also fits conveniently into our pocket or rucksack without too much bother.As phones slim down and cram more and more power into less and less space, computers too are scaling downward but ...
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