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Siblings Christine and Peter San Diego serve heirloom dishes worthy of their prime Makati spot at Damiana's Kitchen.
If you are currently a thriving restaurateur or even a happy eater in Legazpi Village, you might want to thank Christine San Diego. Over 20 years ago, restaurants on the streets of Makati's business district were not allowed by the Ayala-led neighboorhood association. ...
The Allium chef is back and he's doing Japanese like no one else does.
You might think that posting that black charcoal cone on your Instagram account puts you at the “edgy” side of the foodie world, but then you haven’t had Hibana’s soy sauce ice cream yet. This out-of-the-box dessert experience comes from kitchen creative ...
Your Local is the lone Philippine entry to Condé Nast Traveler's list of global must-tries. So we tried it out. Again.
Someone in the staff is a fan of Jennifer Lopez. The speakers are blaring her hits, from "Waiting for Tonight" to "I'm Into You." There are two consequences to this: one, it is, as we discovered, difficult to eat mentaiko fries while bobbing one's ...
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