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It even runs for real.
Lego and Toyota have independently come up with some very cool projects over the years and their recent collaboration is nothing short of awesome. Legoland Japan and Toyota’s motorsports brand Gazoo Racing (GR) have engineered a faithful full-sized replica of the Toyota ...
To celebrate Star Wars Day.
Ahead of Star Wars Day (that’s May 4, aka May the Fourth, in case you forgot), Lego has unveiled three new Star Wars construction sets featuring three symbols of the Dark Side. The first two are additions to the Star Wars helmets collection, ...
For the plant lovers who also love Legos.
At this point, is there anything Lego hasn’t dipped their toes in? There’s Lego x Nintendo, Lego x Adidas, Lego x Sesame Street, Lego x Aston Martin, and even Lego Fort Santiago. With people’s current obsession with plants and all things green, it ...
Lego blocks plus World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Yes, please.
Things don’t make sense but, at the same time, they do. In our topsy-turvy world where toilet paper is actually cake and facts are not facts, interlocking plastic bricks can be formed into a nostalgic gaming console.Do you get it?We’re not going to ...
If you love any of these cars, here's how to buy them on the cheap. Assembly not included.
If our staff is anything to go by, there is heavy overlap between interest in cars and interest in Lego. Many of us grew up snapping the plastic bricks together, often creating small cars and vehicles of our own design. This never ...
It's time to pay a visit to Fort Santiago.
When was the last time you visited Fort Santiago? Perhaps it was still back in grade school, during a field trip with your classmates and teachers in tow. And who really goes back to pay a visit? Only students, tourists, and history ...
It’s a celebration of everything Batman, even the parts that people prefer to keep in the shadows.
Oh, hey. I'm sorry. Just laying down some dope tracks here and didn't see you there. But since you've already interrupted my sick flow, I might as well tell you about my new feature film, The LEGO Batman Movie. Written, directed, sound mixed, ...
Google finally overtakes Apple as the most valuable. Plus, a surprise brand takes the top spot as the most powerful for 2017.
If we asked you to name the world’s most powerful brands, you may likely mention some of the companies lined up in Silicon Valley and answered with big names like Google or Microsoft. But would you have guessed that this year’s most ...
Definitely the movie [trailer] we need right now.
If there's anywhere we can find happiness right now, it's in the new trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie. This cocky, Will Arnett-voiced Batman doesn't know how to use his big screen inputs, can't stand his obnoxious little twerp Robin, and didn't ...
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