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What makes the new Leica M10-R worth so much.
German camera brand Leica unveiled the newest member of its M family, the new Leica M10-R, the high resolution variant of the company’s legendary rangefinder camera. On Thursday, July 16, the chairman of the supervisory board of Leica Camera AG and main ...
The photographer returns with a second collection of contemplative cityscape photos.
In May 2019, while giving a lecture about photography at the Leica store in Manila, Monty Papa shared a slideshow of thought-provoking images. They were shot on the busy streets of Hong Kong and captured the pulsating city life sans the color. A ...
Leica upgraded its compact Q camera line.
German camera maker Leica Camera AG has always been associated with quality and luxury, and its latest model of the Leica Q series again proves exactly that.The Leica Q2 is the next-generation model of the German luxury brand's Q line of compact cameras and ...
Here's all you need to know about the made-in-Germany Leica Watch.
Leica, the luxury camera makers, whose elegant creations chronicled some of the most legendary images in history, including the V-J Day Kiss in Times Square, is releasing its very first timepiece, the Leica Watch. The new timepieces (a pair debuts), which will be ...
He deserves something nice.
Father's Day is just around the corner, and if (like always) you have not braved the stores to find the best present for him, we're here to help you out.Here, a few stylish gift ideas that will make his life even more ...
It's also got all the updates you need.
A Leica isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t need to be. Don’t put it on a tripod. Don’t attach a lens the length of a baby’s arm. Its purpose isn’t to take impressive holiday pictures. Nikons and Canons already do a great job ...
The Huawei P9 is co-created with Leica so you know it's perfection.
Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise, an outdoor action shot, an energetic dance party, or a vibrant travel landscape, an image taken by Huawei’s P9 smartphone can trick you into thinking it was shot with a professional camera, thanks to its star feature, ...
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