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Talk about a hardcore collector.
Some people collect Starbucks coffee mugs. Some collect Barbie dolls. Those with the means can collect more sophisticated items like high-end sneakers, watches, or handbags. But outside of collecting houses or yachts, there is, perhaps, no more impressive item any person can ...
Designed for the modern urban explorer.
Lexus has worked hard to reach out to a much younger sector of the affluent market, and with the UX, it seems it’s finally hit the perfect formula. In 2018, the Japanese luxury brand introduced the UX model, its youngest and perhaps ...
What do you think?
Lexus is no stranger to art. The luxury Japanese carmaker has a long history of supporting creative endeavors outside of the automotive industry. This time, the company partnered with three well-known artists to reimagine the interiors of its newest battery electric vehicle, ...
A new version of a world-class luxury sedan is here.
When Lexus came out with its first-generation LS flagship sedan in 1989, it came out with a 30-second TV commercial with a black LS400 mounted on top of rollers running at 140 miles per hour (225 kilometers per hour) with five layers ...
Here are our 12 picks to #ExperienceAmazing.
Lexus Philippines is celebrating its 12th anniversary this month. The brand itself is just over three decades old, so it’s fairly young as a true luxury car brand. However, it’s backed up by one of the world’s biggest carmakers, Toyota. And car ...
It was bred on its own test course patterned after Nürburgring.
Lexus Philippines’s exclusive unveiling of its all-new IS sports sedan at the Manila showroom in Bonifacio Global City was special. It was the first physical launch held by any car brand during this pandemic. As expected, the company had to make sure ...
The Lexus NX has everything you would want in a crossover.
Lexus introduced the NX at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014 and it has since become a succesful model for the Japanese luxury brand worldwide. In the Philippines, auto geeks know about the crossover, but perhaps it’s time to introduce it to ...
We drive the 2020 Lexus RX 350L in Singapore.
Road trip with kids are the best. The zoo, resorts, and parks are staples on the itinerary and that’s just for starters. The more the merrier as they say.Driving up and down the streets of Singapore makes it even better because their ...
Intersect by Lexus is a must-visit the next time you’re in the Japanese capital.
You read Lexus and immediately think about cars. Well, we can’t blame you.But there’s a totally different kind of Lexus shop that opened in Tokyo, and yes, there may be, on occasion, a Lexus unit on display. Plus the place sells the ...
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