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The presidential aspirant addresses his infamous slur.
Senator Manny Pacquiao, who is seeking the presidency, said he was not condemning the LGBT community when he described them as "worse than animals", saying that as a man of God, he was in no place to judge.In a vlog interview with ...
A transwoman speaks her truth.
As told to Paul John CañaMy name is Jules Veloso. I’m 34 years old. I am the managing director of influencer marketing agency In Circle, and my role is laser-focused on driving the company’s growth and strategic direction by inspiring synergistic relationship ...
It’s a show of support for the LGBT community.
Billionaire Andrew Tan has proven himself to ba an ally of the LGBT community when the Philippines’ tallest triumphal arch lit up in rainbow colors in celebration of Pride Month. Arco de Emperador, the 19-meter high neoclassical arch monument towering over Megaworld's ...
There's no shortage of Filipino fans of Thai BL series, but are we ready for localized versions of this phenomenon?
Within the last month, the Thai BL (Boys’ Love) series 2gether from broadcaster GMMTV has become a massive hit in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of fans across the region and the world, a great many of them Filipino, are glued to ...
Human morality, just like religion, is a social construct.
The homophobic zealots are at it again. In case you’ve managed to steer clear of the bile and vitriol from the pearl-clutching oldies of the Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL), we’ll quickly run down the facts (promise, this will be ...
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