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Not to be confused with anything else that starts with the letters L-I-B-E-R-A-L.
Liberalism is both a word of abuse and a concept that has been abused.Anything with the word “liberal” is likely to induce apoplectic anger these days. Duterte curses the Liberal Party; Trumpists fume against coastal liberals; Communists resist “neoliberals”; Putin is seeking ...
Esquire columnist Lisandro Claudio on figuring out truth amid the trolls.
As many of you now know, Oxford Dictionaries named “post-truth” as 2016’s word of the year. It’s an apt choice, as this year has proven the boundlessness of human credulity. Just this month, I found Marcosians peddling a variety of lies: from ...
For Salvador P. Lopez, it was always “better to be silenced than to be silent.”
An introduction to the Liberal Laments series.I’ll go out on a limb and state that the most important thinker of postwar Philippines is Salvador P. Lopez—“SP” to his friends and admirers. Though few of us remember him today, this self-described “ambidextrous” intellectual ...
What is a liberal to do in this new world?
These are not good times for liberals. We have a popular/populist president who ran a campaign not only against a liberal party, but against liberal values like human rights and due process. Du30’s success, as we all know, stemmed from widespread disillusionment. ...
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