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They’re not wrong. 
When it comes to beaches, only a handful of countries can rival the Philippines. With our white sand beaches, stunning rock formations, and untouched seas, the Philippines’ boasts some of the most majestic—and underrated—beaches in the world. It’s no wonder people flock ...
Something to consider before planning a trip.
Not every country is kind to the LGBTQ+ community. And the reality is, not all LGBTQ+ travelers are afforded the luxury of safety wherever they go. It's just another sign of the daily struggles of the community, having to always consider if ...
The Philippine delegation will now receive over P60 million in incentives.
Outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he will double the incentives of all the Filipino medalists of the Southeast Asian Games 2021. The Philippines placed fourth in the 31st SEA Games, bringing home 52 gold medals, 70 silver medals, and 105 ...
This is how you can become an adopted child of the Cordilleras.
In April 1996, a brown Filipino man from Ozamiz and a brown Filipino woman from Kawit honeymooned in Baguio City. They booked a five-day stay at the Prime Hotel in Benguet, just 100 yards away from Session Road. The couple had married ...
Are you ready to return?
After two years of being closed to foreign tourists, Japan is finally reopening its doors—but under strict conditions. Although many countries have gradually reopened to tourism, Japan’s progress has remained slow, severely affecting its tourism economy. Japan is still riding a surge ...
For novice travelers, Seoul is the best place to visit for your first solo trip.
There’s a reason why Filipinos love Seoul—and no, it’s not just because of BTS. South Korea’s capital is a traveler’s dream: it’s only a 3.5-hour flight away, its chilly weather is a welcome break from our tropical heat, and it’s (arguably) the ...
The Philippine delegation to Vietnam 2021 has already won over P25 million in prize money.
The Philippine Sports Commission will be receiving a hefty bill after the 31st Southeast Asian Games as the Philippine delegation to Vietnam 2021 has already won over P25 million in prize money—and the event isn’t even over. Filipino athletes presented a strong front ...
When in Singapore, live as the locals do. 
Borders are open, and quarantine is no more. Get ready for a two years’ worth of revenge travel. First on our bucket list: Singapore. After what feels like a lifetime in lockdown, Filipinos can finally visit Singapore without having to quarantine or even ...
Don't feel guilty for going offline on weekends.
If it wasn’t already obvious, too much social media is bad for your mental health. For many of us, it’s an unavoidable part of the job. But come the weekend, make sure to go offline, because another study has proven that staying ...
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