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You can actually live in a Squid Game-like apartment—without the murder, of course. 
Squid Game has taken the world by storm as the central themes of the hit Netflix show transcend cultures and languages. From the tricky challenges to character depth, it’s hard not to get sucked into the show. But in all honesty, it ...
Hundreds of psychologists say it works.
Tris, 22, was dealing with five major life problems as the pandemic raged. She had just quit her toxic job, moved back into her childhood home, found out she was being cheated on by her then-boyfriend, and as if isolation wasn't enough, her grandmother died.Every day ...
“Today will be the last time I will eat Jollibee... I love you my Jollibee.”
A heartbreaking letter was left on the table by a mysterious customer at Jollibee on September 24. The store manager of the Jollibee Countrymall in Cebu uploaded the note on Facebook. “My Jollibee. Thank you sa 32 years. Karon akong last kaon nimo ...
Still required in crowded places.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday night removed the face shield requirement in outdoor areas but kept it in places with a high risk of COVID-19 transmission.Wearing of face shields will be limited to areas that fall under the 3Cs classification: closed, crowded, ...
A hotel with the comforts of home.
If you’re returning to the Philippines from abroad and seeking a comfortable hotel for your required quarantine, consider Aruga Apartments by Rockwell. The premier apartments in the heart of Rockwell, Makati, prides itself on providing a homey, comfortable vibe to both short- and long-term ...
Asia’s best pole vaulter is a Filipino. 
Filipino pole vaulter Ernest Obiena is on a mission to prove one loss does not define a career. Known to fans as EJ, the 25-year-old national champion has been resetting the Philippine national pole vault records since 2014, and is bouncing back ...
Lucifer is an anticyclone causing massive heatwaves in Europe.
Pope Francis has consistently preached about the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Among them is ice cream. Practicing what he preaches, the pontiff shared his blessings and distributed 15,000 ice cream treatst to Italy's inmates at the Regina Coeli Prison located ...
It’s called the Lemon Test, and it may just be the new determiner of introversion.
Ever wanted to confirm whether you’re an introvert or not? Well, it looks like there’s a test that might confirm that, but it might be a little messy. A quick lemon test might be enough to tell you if you’re an introvert of ...
Do you sit down all day, every day? Scientists have just figured out how much exercise you need to make up for it.
Work-from-home has its benefits, but the amount of time stuck indoors with no events, conferences, or even lunch breaks at the mall has amounted to hours upon hours of sitting down with little physical activity. Aside from threatening the shape of your ...
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