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Lego shoes for adults? Say no more.
We interrupt your day to bring you a special news bulletin: The Adidas x Lego Superstar sneakers have dropped. We've been spoiled with the Superstar lately. Starting with Prada, the iconic sneaker has been reimagined in all the coolest ways possible.The Lego ...
It sounds very futuristic.
If you thought it was hot in the Philippines, try living in a literal desert like Dubai. Right now, the heat is so unbearable that the city and emirate are creating artificial rainstorms with drones. Now, we're all very familiar with cloud seeding ...
Remember the good old days of MTV.
Local streetwear icon and Secret Fresh Gallery of DJ Bigboy Cheng has teamed up with MTV for a range of paintings, art toys, and a capsule collection of apparel and accessories. Secret Fresh Gallery is, of course, a popular name in the ...
A match made in luxury heaven.
Few companies have become respected leaders in their respective industries and fewer still have lasted 100 years and more. The Macallan single malt scotch whisky and luxury automobile manufacturer Bentley are two such brands and that they have now announced a partnership ...
Before Catriona, there was Carlene.
With two major beauty pageant titles under her belt, Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016, netizens claimed that Catriona Gray was the first beauty queen in pageant history to win more than one. But in truth, she was only ...
They're also taking matters into their own hands by highlighting female and non-binary photographers in the Philippines.
The past few days have been messy—to say the least—for Canon Philippines. After a relaunch of its Crusader of Light Brand Ambassador Program sparked backlash for its lack of female and LGBTQ+ representation, the brand tried (and failed) to do damage control by rushing to put ...
Think you can fool your dog? Think again.
There's no fooling our four legged friends—dogs, that is. As a new study shows that dogs, unlike children, will literally ignore people that are lying. Researchers from the University of Vienna trained 260 dogs to look for hidden food in covered bowls. A communicator—who would ...
Nothing but the finest cardboard for the greatest athletes in the world.
In ancient times, somewhere in the 700s BCE, the ancient Olympic Games were created, and y'all... they were sick. A whole badass tournament of athletic prowess and flamboyance. Poets and writers were hired to create songs about the victors. Chariots were raced, baby. At one point, to ...
Man's best friend for a reason.
Need more proof that dogs are the best? Well, as it turns out just plain sleeping right next to them may improve your mental health. Yup, just a dog's presence is enough to make things better which is a huge thing if ...
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