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Just in time for the 3.3 sales.
Turns out, shopping online isn't all that different from scouring stores in person—in terms of deals, that is. Allow us to bring a not-so-new tool to your attention: Lazada and Shopee's AI-powered image search.All you have to do is open your shopping ...
Each country has its own preference.
Some people say dogs are the best. Some people say cats are the best. It's a great debate that's as old as time. Well, now we have the closest thing to an answer. A new study by insurance brand Budget Direct has revealed that the world ...
Or even wiener dog. We are heartbroken.
There’s a joke that every fluffy dog in the Philippines is called a “shizu” regardless of whether it’s an actual Shih Tzu or just another small furball. We take this as a compliment toward the breed that’s undoubtedly the most popular dog ...
He finished high school in Baguio.
Filipino-American Gregorio Villar III went from dreaming of becoming an astronaut while he was a college student in Baguio City to helping land NASA's Perseverance rover on Mars this week.Villar said it's cliche, but pursuing one's passions never feels like work. He ...
Let out all your anger with this sarcastic deck.
Got laid off with nothing but an email? Salty at your toxic corporate culture? Or just pissed off like every millennial at the trappings of late capitalism?Well, we found the game for you.Enter Brands Against Humanity, the bitter older sister of Cards ...
A signature blend of carcinogenics, to be exact.
We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... you know that new-car smell you love? Well, apparently, it's not just an amazing plus that comes with buying new wheels. It's actually a bunch of toxic fumes AKA carcinogens. We really ...
According to a new report.
Back in January, we listed down the best cities to live a healthy and happy life in 2021. Countries, however, are another category altogether. Case in point: U.K.-based price comparison website has ranked them all, and the countries that made the list couldn't be more ...
Take it all in.
After years of restoration, the Manila Metropolitan Theater (AKA the Met) is reopening. Known as the "Grand Dame of Manila," the Juan M. Arellano-designed theater is a historic venue that was partially destroyed during the Battle of Manila.Suffice to say, the theater ...
See photos of the world's oldest Chinatown through the years.
Established in 1594, Binondo is known as the oldest Chinatown in the world. Though originally meant for Chinese immigrants who converted to Catholicism, the district grew to become the center of commerce, finance, and trade in the Philippines. Look back and see photos of Binondo ...
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