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Such an honor. 
It’s not every day you get a new animal species named after you. But for Fr. Jett Villarin, who is Ateneo’s immediate past university president and current executive director of the Manila Observatory, it was his lucky day. A dark and hairy beetle, ...
Art for watersheds and forests.
While nature sometimes seems far and detached from the daily lives of Filipinos living in urban centers, a group of young up-and-coming artists in the Philippines want to use their art to bring the beauty of nature back into the minds of ...
Irving is a sublimely skilled basketball player, an admirable philanthropist, and a guy who is hurting the vaccination drive.
As the Kyrie Irving vaccine holdout reaches news cycle 42, there's an interesting talking point doing the rounds in the social-media sphere: Irving is a generous and accomplished man from a philanthropic standpoint. He gives a lot to charity, and to good causes, ...
ABS-CBN’s only entry receives silver.
ABS-CBN and GMA-7 programs have been recognized once again for the 2021 edition of the prestigious New York Festivals’ World's Best TV & Film Awards.This time, the Philippines bagged two medals and five finalist certificates from both networks.ABS-CBN’s lone entry, Fedelina: A Stolen ...
“Today will be the last time I will eat Jollibee... I love you my Jollibee.”
A heartbreaking letter was left on the table by a mysterious customer at Jollibee on September 24. The store manager of the Jollibee Countrymall in Cebu uploaded the note on Facebook. “My Jollibee. Thank you sa 32 years. Karon akong last kaon nimo ...
Horrified parents called the police. 
A number of clowns have been sighted lurking outside Singapore’s schools, asking children to follow them. Apparently, the clowns were recruiting the children to a speech school. Horrified parents did not hesitate to call the police. “Their unnerving presence sparked a flurry of complaints ...
Lucifer is an anticyclone causing massive heatwaves in Europe.
Pope Francis has consistently preached about the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Among them is ice cream. Practicing what he preaches, the pontiff shared his blessings and distributed 15,000 ice cream treatst to Italy's inmates at the Regina Coeli Prison located ...
The Mexican soap opera legend captivated Filipino audiences in the 1990s.
Mexican superstar Thalia turned 50 on August 26. She is beloved by Filipinos for her role as Marimar in the eponymous soap opera that aired in the Philippines in the early '90s. She also appeared as Maria Mercedes in a soap that rivaled her ...
That was enough internet for today.
Stock photos have saved us countless times when graphic artists are scarce and Wikipedia's free-to-use images don't exactly meet the aesthetic demands of editors. Image libraries are supposed to augment that need by providing photos with general themes and subjects: A couple getting ...
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