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But almost as many believe their networks aren’t strong enough.
A majority of Filipinos believe having strong connections is important to get ahead, but more than half believe they don’t have strong enough connections to help them land opportunities. Data from the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020 show that 78 percent of Filipinos consider ...
The Philippines is also the fifth most optimistic country when it comes to opportunities.
The Philippines is one of the most optimistic and confident countries in the world when it comes to workplace opportunities and growth, according to a global survey by LinkedIn.The LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020 looked into what the people want and what barriers ...
Learning how to set up a LinkedIn profile will boost your chances in finding jobs and making a meaningful professional network.
Over recent years, LinkedIn has carved its niche as the go-to social media platform for professional networking. It’s become one of the easiest ways to find out about and connect with over 500 million individuals and companies that have all learned how ...
LinkedIn reveals the country's top emerging jobs.
Are you thinking about the next step in your career path? Want a change of pace professionally? Or are you curious about what’s in demand in the current job market?LinkedIn has the answers. It recently released a report detailing the fastest growing ...
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