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The World Talent Ranking looks at a country's ability to develop homegrown talent.
The Institute for Management Development (IMD) has released this year's edition of the World Talent Ranking. The ranking scores countries using three factors: investment and development, readiness, and appeal.The investment and development factor looks at the resources a country has allotted to ...
The English ritual is well-observed at these fine establishments.
There always has been a divide between coffee and tea drinkers, with the perception that one's loyalty can only to one or the other. But the practice of setting aside an afternoon for a warm pot of tea, scones, jams, and other ...
Three restaurants in Japan, six in the U.S., seven in Spain, and more to add on your travel Eat List.
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants have just been announced.William Drew, Group Editor of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, said: “We applaud all those involved in this list of inspiring restaurants, which is constantly redrawing and reflecting the global gastronomic map."Number One on this ...
Lin-Manuel Miranda makes the list.
Hamilton is created by award-winning songwriter, playwright, theatre actor and singer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose net worth is at $10 million. Apart from winning three Tony awards, his popular and successful Broadway musical has also received an Olivier, an Emmy, three Grammys, and ...
These 60 families were the definition of Old Money.
In 1892, society dame Caroline Astor, otherwise known simply as “Mrs. Astor,” hosted a ball at her mansion at 350 Fifth Avenue—where the Empire State Building now stands—inviting only guests that made up Old New York Money. The term “the 400” was coined ...
Sound smarter and more credible by decluttering your sentences.
1. IrregardlessAs we’ve written before, “irregardless” is often incorrect—it’s “regardless.” The word has been in use since the early 1900s. It wasn’t initially in the dictionary but after its widespread misuse, it was added. While it might now be considered a word, ...
Oftentimes, being kind costs you nothing.
You’re probably familiar with that warm and fuzzy feeling that leaves you smiling to yourself after you perform a good deed (If you have no idea what we're talking about, go out and do some good right now.). If you don't feel it ...
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