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Granular lockdowns under Alert Level 4 explained.
Locking down an entire condominium floor if one tenant tests positive for COVID-19 is one possible course of action for authorities under a new quarantine system that targets small areas instead of entire cities or regions, the interior department said Friday.If it ...
Many of us are reaching a breaking point.
Two instances of gross violations of current health protocols dominated social media over the past few days. Both involve relatively well-known personalities, and both were called out by livid netizens because they chose to celebrate their birthdays in public spaces in the ...
The mother walked home just over a month since giving birth via caesarian section.
Earlier we reported about a father who walked back home from Pasig to Makati carrying his dead newborn son in a box. It turns out that the mother walked with them, and this was just a little over a month after giving birth by ...
He couldn’t get a ride home.
UPDATE: Here's How You Can Help The Couple Who Walked Home With Their Dead Newborn in a BoxA man whose baby died in the hospital was forced to walk home with his son’s corpse because he couldn’t get a ride home. According to ...
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