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Jackman was closely watched by trainers and experts to make sure he didn't die.
In Logan, Hugh Jackman is a growling, stumbling, gnashing, clawing mass of near-dead, sinewy muscle. It's not remotely pretty—which works in the final Wolverine movie's favour—but it is impressive. In much the same way Logan goes through hell to survive the bleak ...
The new Wolverine film is more akin to an arthouse version of The Road than another X-Men movie.
Spoilers for Logan follow.Last week, before the movie's opening weekend, Logan director James Mangold announced on Twitter that he is working on a black and white version of the latest Wolverine film. It sounds pretentious for a superhero movie—a technique saved for ...
The British icon is starring in the critically-acclaimed X-Men spin-off Logan.
Hearing Patrick Stewart's iconic voice with your own ears has to go down as one of the greatest wonders of the world, even when he's only using it to slag off a hapless taxi driver."I had the most calamitous ride from Leicester ...
This new trailer is like Mad Max meets Stranger Things.
It seems that some big Hollywood studios are realizing the superhero genre has reached saturation and these movies need to reinvent themselves. Marvel did it with the trashy, self-aware, and brilliant Deadpool, as well as the campy, '80s-tinged space opera Guardians of ...
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