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We just know you've seen at least one K-drama this quarantine.
Much like K-pop, Filipinos have been enamored with K-dramas, even before the pandemic started. What started as Tagalog-dubbed versions in TV networks have morphed into counterfeit DVDs, and now in various streaming platforms. It seems like now is the perfect time to ...
The musician, designer, and writer is now a filmmaker.
In the 10th episode of the Lonely Hearts podcast with Esquire's editor at large Sarge Lacuesta, we talked to Kate Torralba, the multi-talented artist, musician, designer, writer, and now, filmmaker.In this episode, Torralba mused about the early beginnings of her music career as a piano prodigy at only ...
This Filipino is writing a book on the disastrous trip.
Inarguably the most influential musical group in history, The Beatles are legendary. Exalted by fans and respected by the rest of the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t admire them in some way. But the people of Manila in ...
On The Beatles and their nightmare stay in Manila.
In the latest episode of Esquire Philippines’ podcast Lonely Hearts, host Sarge Lacuesta talks to David Guerrero, the chief creative of the Philippines and award-winning chairman of BBDO Guerrero. Guerrero, “a bit” of a Beatles fan, is currently writing a book on the ...
In the latest episode of the Lonely Hearts podcast.
Nine times out of ten, you’ll come across a skin whitening ad whenever you turn on the TV or just scroll your feed. Entertainment and advertising are the loudest proponents of Western beauty standards in this country, which has permeated throughout society, ...
She stars in the upcoming psych thriller Nocebo opposite Eva Green and Mark Strong.
In the latest episode of Esquire Philippines’ Lonely Hearts podcast, Cebuano actress Chai Fonacier (Patay na si Hesus and Respeto) shared her two cents on Bisaya representation in local and international entertainment.Bisaya to the bone—and proud of it—Fonacier is currently filming the Irish-Philippine film ...
From Miss Universe to a student.
What do you do when you win the world? It’s been almost six years since that fateful night when Pia Wurtzbach won the world—or the Universe rather—but what do you do after a momentous year as Miss Universe?Pia has since passed on ...
Pia in her own words.
“I don't want Miss Universe to be the only highlight of my life."In the latest episode of the Lonely Hearts podcast by Esquire Philippines, Miss Universe 2015 touched on life almost six years after her beauty pageant win.“Of course, after one dream ...
Feeling attacked?
If you feel attacked by that headline, then you know you’re guilty of ghosting, joining the ranks of millions of millennials and Gen Zs who’ve made ghosting a cultural dating norm.What do the experts have to say about that? Well, Dr. Margie ...
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