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The Vice President answers adorable questions from kids in this online class.
It all started when the Vice President secretly sat in one of the History classes hosted by Joey Fernandez, aka “Mr. F,” for his third-grade students. The online classes, which are meant for kids, also attract a crowd of adults searching for ...
The late Senator Eva Kalaw was a Plaza Miranda Survivor. 
Eva Kalaw was a force of nature when she was still alive. After surviving the Plaza Miranda bombings, she went on to survive the worst of what the Marcos regime could throw at her: political persecution, being jailed twice, and then the ...
I've lived in California my entire life, and have never, ever seen fires like this.
Wildfires are good. They are necessary for new growth of trees and for the health of ecosystems. We need fire, but not like this.I walked outside my home in Oakland to get a coffee and heard a cacophony of echoes from people ...
Lola Loring was a dauntless saboteur during World War II.
Loring May Ebersole, later known as Florence Finch, was just like a typical grandmother who busied herself with things most typical grandmothers would do. She doted on grandkids, cooked wonderful meals, and watched old soap operas. But when Loring died at the age ...
The Monkey and the Turtle is the first children's tale in the Philippines.
July 21 is National Children’s Book Day in the Philippines. It also marks the date when Jose Rizal published in English the tale of The Monkey and the Turtle in the July 1889 issue of Trübner's Oriental Record in England.Top Story: Transwoman Billionaire Wants Clint ...
Even TV reporters are not spared from network-transfer controversies.
TV news anchors and reporters are as much prone to network transfers as showbiz celebrities.Their reasons for making the move also run in the same vein: on the one hand, career growth and better offer elsewhere; on the other, dissatisfaction with management ...
He once claimed Filipinos have no moral anchor because they are not Hindus or Buddhists.
At 96 years old, F. Sionil Jose has lived through 15 Philippine presidents including Manuel Quezon. He also survived World War II, two revolutions, and numerous epidemics. He has seen much and is considered an authoritative voice by way of his age, ...
The show brought joy to millions, but a number of its cast have experienced unimaginable tragedies.
"Glee," a musical show that inspired millions, is no stranger to tragedy. Using music to touch the lives of its audience, the series followed teenagers as they meandered through the minefield of adolescence. While all the characters found a happy ending in one ...
Filipinos know struggle.
Filipinos know struggle. They know the conflict, war, violence, and suffering. They know what it’s like to be colonized, ostracized, and discriminated. So it should come as no surprise that when other nations cast out their unwanted citizens, Filipinos opened their arms ...
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