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The existential dread of just another desensitized Gen Z.
“Citizens, do you want a revolution without a revolution?”This stirring provocation was delivered by the French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre before the National Convention in 1792. Both adored and reviled, he stood as the apostle of a defining moment in European history, which ...
Then it skipped December 31 to catch up with the rest of Asia.
Time, at least as humans perceive it, has not always been constant. Nowadays, if you fly to Singapore, you don’t need to adjust your watch. Both countries fall under the same time zone. But it wasn’t so long ago that the Philippines ...
The pandemic devastated the cruise ship industry, but there are signs the worst may be over.
Jannel Montero was in Sydney, Australia when news about a highly infectious new disease started spreading worldwide. The 27-year-old was working as a staff member of Dream Cruises, a cruise line owned by Genting Hong Kong. Things still seemed to be relatively ...
Why Tulfo equates justice for the average Filipino.
Social media exploded overnight after video of an off-duty policeman's fatal shooting of an elderly woman and her son went viral. When the lawbreaker is also a law enforcer, some people thought of one recourse — broadcaster Raffy Tulfo.Tulfo continues the family's legacy of action-based public service. It's a trail blazed by their ...
Police brutality is not new.
A lot has been said about the recent turn of events which involved policemen killing, detaining, and apprehending various types of people in broad daylight. We can even point out that in this pandemic, they have been given a carte blanche to do ...
In 1918, people were much more familiar with epidemic disease.
I think we all have to lighten up a little. Smithsonian brings us a look back at how the country celebrated Christmas during the influenza pandemic. Mainly, we celebrated by getting a little contagious.Of course, Christmas is also a shopping season, and that was ...
The Crown Season Four revisits a painful part of Windsor family history.
In Season Four, Episode Seven of The Crown, titled “The Heredity Principle,” creator Peter Morgan delves into a shocking Windsor family secret: the institutionalization and subsequent abandonment of two of the Queen’s first cousins, who, owing to their developmental disabilities, were shamefully hidden from ...
This is how these floating communities adapted to floods.
Successive typhoons have led to destructive flooding in some parts of Luzon, particularly the areas located in watersheds and catch basins like Marikina and Cagayan Valley. In a matter of days, entire cities were turned into islands as roads were transformed into ...
Only science can save us now.
In times of crisis, it’s easy for the voices of those directly affected to be drowned out by the noise of the people on top making the decisions. After Typhoon Ulysses tore through Luzon, the calls for “resilience” have been constant, but ...
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