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This iconic mobile kitchen can feed 500 people a day.
Hunger and food security have always been pressing issues affecting vulnerable and marginalized families in the country. COVID-19 aggravated the problem, giving rise to a significant number of Filipinos experiencing involuntary hunger every day. This is where Rise Against Hunger PH’s (RAH PH) ...
A travel writer describes an illuminating trip through the South Korean capital with a close friend.
This essay is lifted from the book “How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays” by Josephine V. Roque. We are reprinting here with her permission. What I knew of friendships, I learned from my dead mother who made time to ...
“The difference lies in the culture of the Filipino people. It is a soft, forgiving culture."
Lee Kuan Yew passed away in 2015, but his legacy is still felt to this day in Singapore, the city-state he transformed from a third-world country to a first. During this 30-year tenure as prime minister, LKY forged what is now arguably ...
Apparently, it was supposed to teach us lessons in morality.
As a child, one of the easiest board games to play was Snakes and Ladders. It remains a classic board game that people can play at any age without the need for strategy like chess or Monopoly—which, we admit, can bring out ...
Is this Megxit 2.0?
Despite the fact that monarchies are a century or two out of fashion, the timeless drama of royals continues to be a source of endless fascination to the public. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Princess Diana captivated the world, and in the ...
'We're not hearing anything of direction and of hope for the country.'
Politics is, unfortunately, a testy subject in the Philippines. The drama unfolding in news headlines and press conferences often eclipses all else, and it’s no surprise that most Filipinos view politics in an unpleasant light. With election season around the corner, even as ...
Boxers should be aware of the risks, not just the potential glory, each time they step into the ring.
Boxing is a national obsession in the Philippines. Next to basketball, it’s undoubtedly the country’s most popular sport. Our most celebrated sportsman is so famous he was elected to the Senate and may possibly even make a run for the presidency. Of ...
Unlike many titleholders and crown bearers, Kylie Verzosa has come further along. In The Housemaid, her first starring role, the actor and advocate explores something new: dark delights and sensual dread.
Custom slip dress by Mikee AndreiBeauty pageants are a tricky thing. You're either a fan of them or you aren't, and either way you almost always have to explain yourself.If there's anyone that doesn't need to explain themselves, it's the Beauty Queen. ...
Nostalgia is a powerful drug.
We’re drowning in memes, but surely you must have seen those featuring hipsters. There’s one with his arms folded and a look of derision on his face. “I prefer their old stuff,” he says, implying the conversation is about the cool band or ...
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