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Remember Mighty Kid, Kaypee, and Grosby?
When we need new clothes or shoes, the default destination seems to be to the nearest shopping mall. (Either that or we go online). Most of us just automatically head to department stores or specialty boutiques for our sartorial needs. But for people ...
"Corporal Mike," the sniper who took down Isnilon Hapilon and Omarkayam Maute during the siege of Marawi, is one of the many unsung heroes of the Philippines.
Corporal Mike knew right away that he had hit the high value targets. He had fired on several figures escaping to Lake Lanao under the concealment of darkness in the early hours of October 16, 2017. The shots were taken from a ...
It sounds insane, but wearing lola's old daster or using dad's favorite handkerchief is how we can truly keep our old loved ones alive.
When my aunt passed, we held off cleaning her room for weeks. The weeks turned into months and the months turned into years and the years turned into a perpetual state of listlessness. But at some point, the listlessness ceased and we ...
“Too much political correctness is bullshit in cinema,” he once said.
Headlines this past week included one about the unfortunate decision of the Quezon City government to declare two individuals as personae non grata—comedienne and host Ai-Ai Delas Alas and filmmaker Darryl Yap. The act stems from a controversial video posted on social ...
His estimated net worth: $2.8 billion.
 We have heard stories of overseas Chinese who migrated to the Philippines and became successful business tycoons.Many have come and gone and we wonder if their stories can be replicated in our modern time. Dennis Anthony Uy’s successful journey is one of ...
The next step of play-to-earn is learn-to-earn.
To be very technical about it, Proof of Learn (POL), a tech platform that uses blockchain technology to educate developers on Web3, was founded in December 2021. But one can argue that the seeds for this fledgling company were planted years or ...
A short history of the legal woes of Okada Manila.
Philippine business got shook up this week after it was reported that a group led by Okada Manila Resort and Casino founder and former chairman Kazuo Okada conducted an unexpected takeover of the property on Tuesday (May 31). As reported by various sources, ...
And why we haven’t changed the country’s name after all these years.
Most of us were taught in grade school that the country got its name from King Philip II of Spain. Initially, Las Islas Filipinas referred only to the islands of Samar and Leyte, which was bestowed upon it during the expedition led ...
Would I do it again? Probably not.
In 2005, I went to Singapore for the first time. I’ve since lost count how many times I’ve been to the so-called Lion City, but that first trip will always be memorable because that was also the first time I visited Malaysia ...
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