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What do you think?
I was in line to order dinner at my neighborhood fast-food chain the other day and noticed one of the service crew members regarding the post-meal carnage a large group of rowdy teenagers left behind on their table. There were burger wrappers ...
Oras na muli para pumili ng susunod na pinuno ng bansa.
Bawat anim na taon, marami sa ating mga Pilipino ang nagtutungo sa mga voting center upang tuparin ang ating tungkulin na ihalal ang susunod na pinuno ng bansa. Dumating na naman ang panahong ito. Pagkatapos ng ilang buwang panliligaw ng mga kandidato para sa ating ...
“Euphoria was really just about classic clubbing.”
Long before it became that HBO show about a bunch of high school kids starring Zendaya, Euphoria was a word attached to one thing and one thing only: it was the definitive nightclub of the late 80s and all throughout the 1990s. ...
It’s been a wild ride for Dr. Erwin Benedict Valencia.
This piece took me the longest to finish but somehow, I know I’m writing it at the exact pace I should be, just as the universe intends me to and not a day too early or late. A few months ago, I found ...
The resemblance was uncanny.
It's the lead-up to the 1965 Philippine presidential elections. On one side, we have President Diosdado Macapagal of the Liberal Party. Gunning for his second term, Macapagal had previously run his first campaign on economic and land reforms. The "poor boy from ...
It’s a tedious and painstaking process.
There are no signs to get to the place where they make asin tibuok in Bohol. Those determined to see the ancient method of crafting pure, organic salt will need to ask directions from locals in the town of Alburquerque and just hope ...
You can ask to check in any time at Moncado Hotel as long as the leader of the organization approves.
Sudlon II is a barangay about an hour and half outside of Cebu City. From the Transcentral Highway in Busay, it’s another 30 to 40 minutes by car or motorcycle to the small community tucked within rolling green hills and dusty brown ...
Let’s give it a second thought.
After Pope Francis’ pronouncement last week that the trend of people who choose to take care of pets instead of human children is a form of selfishness, the kneejerk reaction from most of the self-professed pundits on social media was instantaneous and ...
A remarkable story of commitment and love.
History is filled with brave men and women who challenged norms and stood up to bigotry and hate. One of them is Richard Adams, a Filipino-American activist who, together with his partner, was one of the first-ever same-sex couples granted a marriage ...
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