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The watchmaker's new Heritage Classic is a beautiful thing.
Longines has announced a new version of its Heritage Classic with a sector dial, a faithful reproduction of a model it first made in the Thirties.Since its founding in 1832, the company has manufactured somewhere in the region of 35 million watches, ...
The new green-dial offering continues a long-running trend of unbeatable value.
It's hard to think of a Swiss watch brand that offers better bang-for-buck satisfaction than Longines. Usually, a lengthy history (Longines is 11 years shy of its bicentenary) and a heritage in serious tool watches means premium prices. But, though they aren’t cheap, ...
The iconic watch brand doubles down on a more-for-less strategy that means incredible watches at can't-resist prices.
Starting any new job during a global pandemic isn’t ideal.Starting one as CEO of a global brand with a billion-pound turnover would seem particularly unsatisfactory. Especially when Covid just forced that brand to shut down its manufacturing and close up its shops, ...
A cool new version of a mysterious pilot’s watch.
Longines has announced a sporty new version of its award-winning Avigation BigEye pilot’s watch.Vintage-inspired sports watches are ten-a-penny these days, but Longines has more claim to the market than most, having supplied wristwatches to the aviation pioneers of the Thirties, including the very ...
The Flagship Heritage is finally on the horizon.
Watch buying isn't a business you take lightly. When it's a proper Swiss piece of a proper Swiss pedigree, there's lots of choice on offer. You can go all Le Mans 1963 with a traditional racer's watch. You can go high function with ...
In the age of digital precision, the Master Collection gives a clearer picture of time and, more important, yourself.
In the age of disruption, when the three-headed beast of technology, the Internet, and social media have altogether stuck down long-established symbols of power, we ask this important question: Do you still need a watch?And the easy answer to this question is: ...
The Swiss marque modernises a classic with a brand new material.
Longines is often considered the most classic of classic Swiss marques, and for good reason. But now, the Saint-Imier-based manufacturer has take one of its more modern designs, the HydroConquest, and given it an update for 2019. Made entirely from black ceramic, the ...
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