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“Too much political correctness is bullshit in cinema,” he once said.
Headlines this past week included one about the unfortunate decision of the Quezon City government to declare two individuals as personae non grata—comedienne and host Ai-Ai Delas Alas and filmmaker Darryl Yap. The act stems from a controversial video posted on social ...
Dlar talks about how he crawled out of poverty and pulled his family out of it in the process.
Just like his roles in the Esports scene, Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera is a tank-fighter: No matter what life puts him through, he eventually survives and powers through. “Palo lang nang palo!” has become Dlar’s battle cry in life. Born to a carpenter and a ...
Parenting and Omicron: Why it's so terrible right now.
My kids went back to school this week, despite Covid cases being exponentially higher than ever before, despite hospitals reaching the breaking point, despite every fiber in my being telling me this is a bad idea. They went back because there’s no ...
An honest appraisal.
I don't think my late parents cheated on one another, but I can't ask them anymore, can't say, But come tell me now this time for real, now that I'm old enough.As far as I know, they didn't cheat. As far as ...
Philip Juico is the man behind PATAFA and its feud with EJ Obiena. 
On January 3, 2022, the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) moved to expel Filipino Olympian and Asian superstar vaulter EJ Obiena from the national team, stripping him of his status as an official Philippine athlete. PATAFA has accused Obiena of ...
Racso Jugarap weaves metals and wires to create stunning artwork
Racso Jugarap weaves metals and wires to create stunning artwork favored by collectors from around the world. Among his notable clients are Galila Berzalai Hollander, a prominent Belgian socialite with a reputable discernment and taste for the arts. Racso never dreamed of becoming ...
Can your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man convince movie audiences he’s a heroin-addicted bank robber? To his mum’s horror, the answer is yes.
In the late fall of 2019, Tom Holland was lying sideways on the floor of a jail cell, sweating, convulsing, throwing up blood. His rusty brown hair had been shaved off; his typically smiling eyes were sunken. Wearing a khaki prison uniform ...
Just follow the hashtags.
Tris* is 18, F, from Pasay City. She used to have a private account on Twitter where she posted photos of herself for some of her closest friends who followed her. But on the first day of the new year, she created ...
Fort Drum was napalmed in 1945. It has been abandoned since.
For over a hundred years, a lonely ghost stands as sentinel in Manila Bay, guarding against enemies long vanquished. The ghostly island was once known as El Fraile (The Friar), until it was leveled, reshaped, and named Fort Drum by the Americans after the ...
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