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Racso Jugarap weaves metals and wires to create stunning artwork
Racso Jugarap weaves metals and wires to create stunning artwork favored by collectors from around the world. Among his notable clients are Galila Berzalai Hollander, a prominent Belgian socialite with a reputable discernment and taste for the arts. Racso never dreamed of becoming ...
Just follow the hashtags.
Tris* is 18, F, from Pasay City. She used to have a private account on Twitter where she posted photos of herself for some of her closest friends who followed her. But on the first day of the new year, she created ...
Fort Drum was napalmed in 1945. It has been abandoned since.
For over a hundred years, a lonely ghost stands as sentinel in Manila Bay, guarding against enemies long vanquished. The ghostly island was once known as El Fraile (The Friar), until it was leveled, reshaped, and named Fort Drum by the Americans after the ...
Carlo Katigbak became ABS-CBN's president and CEO in 2016.
On May 5, 2020, ABS-CBN, the Philippines' largest broadcasting company, shut down. It was forced to sign off the airwaves after the Duterte government refused to renew its license and ordered its shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The shutdown cast uncertainty on ...
Puwera usog is actually a counter-charm to an accidental hex.
Puwera usog, tabi tabi po, and tao po are common phrases in the Philippines, each tied to a history of supernatural beliefs. The phrases are hundreds of years old, with "tao po" predating the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. For centuries, Filipinos have ...
Quiapo's gayuma vendors are highly secretive and protective of their livelihood.
Outside the hallowed walls of Quiapo Church in Manila, vendors peddle an assortment of goods: stolen cellphones, cigarettes, plastic toys, and gayuma—the Filipino term for love potions and spells meant to capture someone’s affection. Depending on who you approach and what you’re after, ...
Lester Pimentel Ong shares the story of how he built an empire, and his life outside the office.
Lester Pimentel Ong is a filmmaker, businessman, and martial artist. At a time when the world gave up on his professions, he found a way to make himself relevant. Currently, he heads the restaurant empire Binondo Food Group.At the start of his career ...
But the most destructive volcanic eruptions in the Philippines could come from those that have no record of eruptions.
Situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is no stranger to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In fact, there are at least five deities in Philippine mythology that were said to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, meaning our ancestors had dealt ...
Did you also fall for one of these predictions?
Mars will collide with Jupiter. Pluto will explode. Earth will be engulfed in darkness and only candles blessed by a priest will light up.These are some of the weird end-of-the-world prophecies Filipinos believed during the ’90s—a strange era when people were gullible ...
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