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In 1986, the last time the University of the Philippines' men's basketball team took the championships, the country was just emerging from a dark period of its history. Then, as now, we all find hope in the team's joy.
Utak at puso. This is the University of the Philippines’ current battle cry, and it came from the Pep Squad’s 2015 routine. Utak at puso sometimes seem to be the only things going on for the state university, whose sports funds are measly, compared ...
The Litas, an international collective for women on two wheels, aims to ride over every stereotype there is.
There isn't anything so manly as big bike. Everything from the leathers and studs to the full-throated thrumming of the engine between one's legs—even the term crotch rocket—evokes sex and sexuality. And, yes, sometimes a bit of sexism.When it comes to motorcycle culture, the ...
After 44 years, the world's first fantasy role-playing game is bigger than ever. Here's a look at what Dungeons and Dragons is all about.
Dungeons & Dragons, the world’s first fantasy role-playing game, has enjoyed enduring popularity since it was launched in 1974. But it’s always been something of an underground culture—something people wouldn’t really admit to playing because of its association with nerds.But over the past ...
Millions of us have embraced the 'film it all' era of social media. But what at first felt like carefree fun has for many become an endless, anxious routine of 'brand maintenance' that makes us act in ways we don't like or recognize.
I first realized Instagram Stories had changed my friends while sitting outside a pub earlier this year. It was the point in a Friday night when drinks begin to linger on the table as everyone privately debates whether to go home.It wasn't ...
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