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Remember Mighty Kid, Kaypee, and Grosby?
When we need new clothes or shoes, the default destination seems to be to the nearest shopping mall. (Either that or we go online). Most of us just automatically head to department stores or specialty boutiques for our sartorial needs. But for people ...
A separation of yolks, whites, and state.
It can be hard to fathom how some of the oldest, most impenetrable stone churches in the Philippines can be built with eggs. But during the Spanish Colonial period, egg whites were commonly used to reinforce these structures.It was a common practice ...
What's next for the country's coconut industry?
President Rodrigo Duterte might be entering the final weeks of his term, but that hasn't deterred him from finally fulfilling some of his earliest vows to the nation: to revitalize the Philippines' coconut industry and to protect coconut farmers.On June 2, the ...
And why we haven’t changed the country’s name after all these years.
Most of us were taught in grade school that the country got its name from King Philip II of Spain. Initially, Las Islas Filipinas referred only to the islands of Samar and Leyte, which was bestowed upon it during the expedition led ...
The tomb of the mysterious monarch can be found in Dezhou to this day.
There's a lot to be said about the tensions between China and the Philippines right now, especially when it comes to territorial disputes and alleged instances of racism. But faithful Sino-Filipino relations have long been a trademark of our collective peoples for ...
A behind-the-scenes look at Philippine cinema's golden age.
Vintage photos of Filipino celebrities are hard to come by, especially snaps of them on set. Here, we've compiled rare candid photos in-between takes that will transport you back to Philippine cinema's golden age. Take a look below.A still from Tigre. The ...
Candidates consider it a pivotal voting bloc for a reason.
After months of speculation, Iglesia Ni Cristo has finally given its endorsement to former Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. and his running mate, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.The INC voting bloc has always been one of the key bases candidates have long ...
Google Trends have accurately predicted election outcomes in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines.
While presidential candidate former Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. is firmly in the lead in the latest Pulse Asia surveys, Google Trends is telling us a much different story.The last Pulse Asia results held from April 16 to 21 saw Marcos, Jr. ...
“Euphoria was really just about classic clubbing.”
Long before it became that HBO show about a bunch of high school kids starring Zendaya, Euphoria was a word attached to one thing and one thing only: it was the definitive nightclub of the late 80s and all throughout the 1990s. ...
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