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How do Ghibli characters say I love you without saying I love you?
It’s the sweetest (or most bitter, depending on where you are in life) time of the year. Some of us have planned dates, but a lot will be preaching and practicing self-love.Whether you’re spending Valentine's Day alone or with a special someone, ...
Do zodiac signs really have an impact on your search for a mate?
In case you didn’t know, astrology is a billion-dollar industry. Market research firm IBISWorld pegs the “mystical services market” to generate $2.1 billion in revenues annually, and that’s just in the United States alone. For some reason, people can’t get enough of ...
Why are my Truly Rich Friends asking me about this fight?
I hear, from my friends and even my mother, that this thing called a heart (I think it’s the one that makes that thumping rhythm in your chest) can make you do crazy things.I don’t know anymore because I haven’t been able ...
It’s not an exact science, but we think we’ve figured it out.
People always ask: how do you know it’s love? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but in this case, I have a pretty solid theory.They pick you up from the airport.This isn’t just about romantic love, of course. A brother or ...
In a relationship, you should welcome a challenge, but reserve the right to say no.
Dear Truly Rich Lady,I am newly married and I feel so wonderful! I wake up every day next to the love of my life. He still introduces me to people as “my bride,” which just makes my heart melt. And our combined ...
The grand duchesses innocently fell in love with the soldiers and officers they met.
It's been a century since the Romanovs were slain, and yet, their story still manages to fascinate many today. One side that's often unexplored are the young princesses' many suitors. As noblewomen, the princesses were expected to marry into similar houses. Though ...
These couples dared to love in times of political turmoil, war, and violence.
Of all of Jose Rizal’s women, Leonor Rivera was perhaps his truest and greatest love. Rivera, a native of Camiling in Tarlac, belonged to a landed family. As near-cousins, they first met during Rivera’s 13th birthday party. The two kept in contact ...
When in bed, espouse wisdom from 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy: Be present, be grateful.
I was asked to give a few bedroom tips because, as a bisexual woman, I’m supposed to be in the best position to give advice to men (you do the math), but in my opinion, my man Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock ...
You and your Legendary Ex will likely never get back together. Here's how to deal moments, days, months after (with class). Good luck!
The Legendary Ex cut you off with the coldness of Marie Kondo throwing away dog-eared books from your childhood. No feelings and all business: “Goodbye.” That’s how the Truly Rich do it, right? With faces impassive and feelings frozen in bursting hearts. ...
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