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Cebuanos are commemorating the 501st anniversary of the Battle of Mactan.
On this day 501 years ago, Lapulapu killed the Portuguese navigator and explorer Ferdinand Magellan. These are two names every school kid in the Philippines knows. (Kind of like…GOMBURZA).No, there’s no room for “Majoha” in Cebu as the city and province never ...
A colonialist lens paints Magellan’s arrival 500 years ago as the start of Philippine history when it was just another chapter in our country's rich historical tapestry.
In Philippine history classes, students are usually taught about March 1521 as one of the most important events of our shared past. The story of Ferdinand Magellan’s “discovery” of the Philippines while in search of another route to nearby Moluccas and his ...
A quick refresher on a pivotal moment in Philippine--and world--history.
Today, we officially mark the 500th anniversary of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in a place that would later be called Las Islas Filipinas, or the Philippine Islands. The explorer had been on a voyage to the Moluccas and arrived here at ...
Magellan died because he underestimated the battle-hardened Filipino natives.
Every April 27, Filipinos commemorate the Battle of Mactan, the fateful day when Lapu-Lapu led his tribe to repel Spaniards from invading our shores. Lapu-Lapu’s ardent love for freedom led him to victory. Or at least that was what we were taught ...
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