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"Ï don’t believe that historians should be a profession," said the Maid in Malacañang director.
This past week has been all about Maid in Malacañang. Apart from the actual film, its director Darryl Yap and Senator Imee Marcos, played by Cristine Reyes, have helped it trend, thanks to some recent comments.One of the latest comes from Yap himself, who ...
President's sister leaves it to audiences to judge the film.
Senator Imee Marcos described the film Maid in Malacanang as a "work of truth" as she denied reports she had been giving away tickets to the film that retells the last days of the People Power revolt from her family's point of view.Marcos, who serves ...
The MTRCB has given the film a PG classification.
In just two days, Maid in Malacañang has received some heavy criticism and pushback from the public, including historians, activists, filmmakers, and even religious groups.Bishop Gerardo Alminaza of the central Philippine diocese of San Carlos even went as far as saying that ...
"There is nothing in it that says that the nuns played mah-jongg, with Cory Aquino or anyone else."
In response to the backlash to the mah-jong scene from the Maid in Malacañang teaser, VinCentiments on Tuesday, August 2 posted on Facebook about Darry Yap's supposed reference for the storyline."Bagamat hindi po namin maintindihan bakit nagcomment ang CARMELITE SISTERS, gayong wala naman ...
'The attempt to distort history is reprehensible,' Carmelite sisters say.
Cebu's Carmelite nuns on Tuesday denounced as "reprehensible" a scene from the film "Maid in Malacañang", which they said, failed to portray them accurately.The scene showed a bespectacled woman in a yellow dress, the fashion signature of the late former President Corazon Aquino, playing mah jong with ...
Heading to the cinemas?
Two films with opposing perspectives on the regime of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. will debut in cinemas starting Wednesday, indicating the state of the country's collective memory 50 years after his bloody Martial Law rule. "Maid in Malacañang", which supposedly depicts the Marcos family's perspective of their ...
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