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Who knew Recto Avenue had so many lanes?
It's barely been two weeks since a new administration took over the streets of Manila, and to say Isko Moreno has been making headlines would be an understatement. People have been publicizing the city's clean up all over social media for good reason: Manila is practically ...
The beat and the bustle of Philippine business began here!
You think of the present-day Pasig River and its surrounding areas as a not-so pleasant sight when you happen to be sitting in traffic along EDSA (which is probably every day). But there was once a time when the river was filled with ...
It was hip and happening back in the day.
Manila’s many prominent and most affluent families began settling in the neighboring districts of Malate and Ermita during the first decades of the 20th Century. The twin residential districts were strategically located facing the scenic bay, and, early on, were also centers ...
The proposed reclamation project has been met with mixed reactions.
There have been previous attempts to restore Manila Bay to its former glory, but they never quite resulted in significant changes—at least, until now. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources recently started to enforce stricter measures to rehabilitate the area, resulting in ...
Manila Manila and More invites locals to see the city with fresh eyes.
For residents of Metro Manila, it’s easy to grow jaded about the place we call home. After all, there’s the ever-growing traffic, unreliable transport system, and pollution to contend with. But a new travel book called Manila Manila and More seeks to ...
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