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There's no excuse: As a traveler, you should always remember to respect nature, respect culture, and respect your host.
The United Nations’ World Tourism Organization has unveiled its newest campaign, “Travel. Enjoy. Respect.” and along with it, a guide on tourism etiquette. Not only will the campaign spread awareness among responsible travelers but it’s also a bid for sustainable tourism, engaging ...
Chances are you've met them... and if you haven't, then you might be one of them.
Funeral practices may have changed over the years, but they have remained a serious occasion. This is something many characters fail to be sensitive to, especially in what should be a solemn time for family and friends. Here we’ve listed down the ...
There's proper etiquette for your daily elevator ride.
The average person takes about 4 elevator trips each day and the waiting and travel time can range from 3.2 to 4.2 minutes. That totals to approximately 1,533 minutes or, simply, a whole day spent in a year going back and forth ...
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