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Top bartenders in the Philippines work with local spirits for cocktails you can do at home.
While we appreciate well-crafted tequila or a world-class bottle of whiskey, we can’t help but acknowledge that liquors distilled in our very own motherland are worth the time, too. Four bartenders work their magic with some of our regional spirits, turning our ...
There's a 99 percent chance that Kanye West is a part of your life, whether you like it or not.
I fell into Kanye in autumnal Hong Kong in 2004. We had just seen the video for “All Falls Down” on TV and I loved it enough to add Kanye’s debut album onto my mom’s record store shopping list. Like most pre-teens, ...
Chef Ariel Manuel's take on Spanish-inspired Filipino cuisine
It was a recent European trip that inspired Chef Ariel Manuel to conceptualize Un Cuenca. And while the menu reads mostly of Spanish dishes, Manuel explains that it’s more Spanish-inspired Filipino cuisine. The star of the restaurant is, of course, the much ...
Atom Araullo, one of the most underrated journalists in the country, talks about being raised by activists, all the places he'll go, and his quest for the theory of everything.
From the moment people saw Atom Araullo yelling through the torrential rains of Yolanda, the 33-year-old hasn’t lost pace as he navigates his way through the ever-changing waters of newscasting. Probably one of the most underrated broadcast journalists in the country, Atom ...
The social nature of the pintxo is perfectly captured at the casual and low-key Bar Pintxos
Miguel Vecin and Martin “Tinchu” Gonazalez just wanted to put up a neighborhood meeting place where people could come in shorts and watch a basketball or futbol game. They took over a floundering coffee shop located at the back of an office ...
Swine and dine on the finest cuts of the Iberian pig at Manila's first jamoneria.
In the prairie-like countryside called the dehesa in Spain, the black Iberian pig lives a good, albeit short life. For the first 10 months, they are farm-fed cereals and corn, then they are released to the fields in the phase known as ...
Bona fide gaming enthusiast Pathra Cadness talks to Esquire about being taken seriously, playing video games competitively, and having a fan with a fondness for feet.
It's hard to believe that Pathra Cadness is real until you meet her in person. Before you do, the stories about her don't seem to add up.First, she’s a model, which itself isn’t hard to believe, especially when you consider what her ...
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