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He had been sentenced to die years before he was gunned down by an assassin.
August 21, 1983 is well known in Philippine history as the day Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino was felled by an assassin’s bullet upon his arrival at the Manila airport that now bears his name. The outspoken critic of then-President Ferdinand Marcos had been ...
The Marcos-era agricultural scheme is back in the spotlight.
An exchange between Senator Imee Marcos and Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez during a hearing at the Senate earlier this week brought back into the limelight a once dormant term: Masagana 99.It was Marcos who brought up the phrase, an agricultural ...
Imelda Marcos exposes Imelda Marcos in this new documentary on the former first lady.
Thiry-three years since the People Power revolution that toppled the dictatorship of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the family of the late strongman has managed to stay in the limelight despite their continuing notoriety.Once dismissed as a fallen dynasty, the Marcos family has ...
The mayor sets the record straight.
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is still making headlines just over two weeks since he assumed office. The 44-year-old former actor has constantly been on the news and social media delivering on his campaign promise to clean up the streets of the country’s ...
The infamous Malakas at Maganda painting featuring the Marcoses was the centerpiece of their propaganda.
When the Soviet Union fell, citizens of Moscow toppled a monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the KGB. After Saddam Hussein was killed, a bronze statue of the dictator in Baghdad was dismantled by an angry mob. In 1776, the year the ...
These creatives are fighting historical revisionism by flooding Twitter with protest art using the hashtags #Marcos100 and #MarcosArtrocities.
In celebration of Ferdinand Marcos's 100th birthday (which, ironically enough, falls on September 11), the Marcos Centennial Facebook page posted a call-out for posters "reflecting the outstanding accomplishment and character of President Marcos as a Filipino."However, the good people of Twitter just ...
What smart, brave millennials can do about it.
Late last November, students asked me nicely if I could tweak my usual final lecture explaining the EDSA Revolution. They wanted me to include a commentary on the elections, the heated contest for the Vice Presidency, and the controversial Supreme Court decision ...
Esquire columnist Lisandro Claudio gives due credit to the dictator, based on notes by industrialist Salvador Araneta
Ferdinand Marcos’s critics (myself included) have failed in one major respect: We have been unable to give due credit. FM was certainly a crook, a liar, a torturer, and a murderer.  But someone who held power for over two decades must have ...
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