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According to the actor, Ben Affleck may have had something to do with it.
13 Going On 30 is an iconic rom-com. The coming-of-age story includes the unforgettable "Thriller" routine, many quotable moments, and, of course, great onscreen chemistry between Mark Ruffalo's Matty and Jennifer Garner's Jenna. But while Ruffalo and Garner may have had a blast ...
The award-winning actress talks about the acclaimed HBO drama, I Know This Much Is True, the creative process, and diversity in the industry.
“The very first scene we did, which was about 18 to 20 pages long, we didn’t even rehearse it. We didn’t line-run it, we didn’t even discuss it. We just shot it. I think that was the first time Mark [Ruffalo] even ...
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