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Sometimes couples also need to adjust their individual lifestyles to suit new standards of living.
Many young couples experience some tension over finances during the early years of their marriage because of differences in values and priorities.Top Story: Inside the Lavish Life of the Ambanis, Asia's Wealthiest FamilyYour spouse may not share the same beliefs with you when ...
Ranked in descending order.
The love lives of our darling celebrities have always been in the public eye, a favorite topic in conversations and gossip columns. The stars on this list (mostly from the Old Hollywood era) were not only famous for their looks, charm, and ...
For our foreign readers.
Let’s start with a fact that you probably never thought about: Of the over 430,000 marriages that the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) tallied for 2017, over 14,700 of them were between a Filipino and a foreigner.But when it comes to the nationalities ...
Humans don't always marry members of their own species.
While people get married for a myriad of reasons, from companionship to preservation of wealth, there’s good enough data out there that suggest that people now do it more frequently for love. Take that, cynics.As to who or what they love, well, ...
You’ll be surprised by how many couples opt for a civil wedding.
In Filipino culture, weddings are seldom small affairs. Likewise, the business of weddings in the country continues to boom.But in recent years, the number of couples walking down the aisle has dwindled. In the most recent report published by the Philippine Statistics ...
He says he is not a gold digger, he just fell in love with a girl.
Do you want to ask our resident TRL anything? E-mail C.C. Coo at [email protected] Dear CC:Let me cut to the chase: I am marrying up. But don't think that I planned this (i.e. I am not a gold digger!). I didn't even know that ...
What year is it?
“Come on, guys. It’s 2017.”These were the words of a visibly-irked Nadine Lustre, as she was asked by a reporter about her rumored “live-in” arrangements with boyfriend (and surprisingly decent recording artist) James Reid. Something about this—the question, how it was asked, and how ...
5 couples who paid for their weddings get real about the cost.
The trend in weddings these days is to downsize and streamline. While old traditions of lavish ceremonies and even more lavish receptions still abound, more and more couples are opting to simplify their tastes for intimate celebrations. But minimal doesn't automatically mean ...
Don't get him started on straight couples.
Gay marriage? What’s there to object? What could be worse than straight marriage? The same face but older; the same shallowness on her part and the unmerited smugness of a man who has suckled wisdom from the teats of the great Og Mandino. ...
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