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Thanks to The Aviator and meddling of studio execs
Martin Scorsese's riding on a high after The Irishman, but it turns out that he nearly jacked in directing altogether almost 20 years ago after reaching the end of his tether with meddling studio execs.According to an interview with The New York Times, "the last ...
In a 2016 interview, he called superheroes “very much white supremacist dreams of the master race.”
In the raging, never-ending debate on whether or not superhero films qualify as art, it seems like we’ve finally ran out of voices to weigh in. Legendary director Martin Scorsese started the war when he compared Marvel movies to theme parks, and seemingly ended it ...
The 76-year-old director is not one to shy away from a challenge. But this $125 million production may be one for the history books.
Martin Scorsese has been at the helm of some of cinema's biggest cultural revelations. Mean Streets defied conventions to usher in a new movement in American film. The Last Temptation of Christdared to challenge an entire goddamn religion. The 76-year-old director endured nearly three whole decades ...
De Niro is likely to play man suspected of serial killings, say local paper reports.
While The Irishman is inching its way toward release, another collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro is in the works. Scorsese's period piece Killers of the Flower Moon, about murders, tussles over oil deposits in Oklahoma and the earliest days of the FBI, ...
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