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In the past few years, Hollywood has recast the male Adonis as slim, bookish, and emotionally available. Some men aren’t happy about it. Where does that leave you?
Back in the nineties and early aughts, my homeboys and I would attend NBA All-Star weekends. More times than not, our crew included my day one—may he rest in peace—Neal Franklin Blassingame Jr.Blass.Blass was a legend in my hometown, in part for ...
Jonathan Roxmouth shares insights from taking on the iconic role, and how the 32-year-old musical is still relevant today.
Of the many iconic leading roles in the theater world, the titular character of The Phantom of the Opera has a very good case for being one of the most formidable.But the difficulty of playing the Phantom goes beyond being physically and ...
And it's received a lot of criticism.
Ever since the #MeToo movement started, some very difficult questions have been raised on how men should act and speak amid the public conversation. Personalities, especially actors in Hollywood, from the likes of Henry Cavill to Liam Neeson, have struggled to answer ...
The director always represented the opposite of the alpha-male type, but his cinematic worldview wasn't less harmful.
Last week, Page Six reported that Amazon Studios indefinitely halted the release of Woody Allen’s new film A Rainy Day in New York,signaling what could be the final cut-to-black in the director’s storied, and scandal-ridden, film and comedy career. After a lukewarm, if not sour, ...
Friends are shaming friends for not eating meat, new research found.
Here's an update on masculinity: It's still fragile. New research claims that men who want to choose vegetarian dishes at restaurants are afraid they'll be shamed by their male friends. Some friends!A team of scientists at the University of Southampton in the U.K. ...
Millions of boys have been socialized to believe strength is synonymous with manhood.
It's a question both of us have been asked—on the playground, at school, when hanging out with the guys. Even if the question wasn't explicitly stated, it was a subtle expectation we got from parents, coaches, teachers, and friends. Don't cry. Don't ...
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