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This isn’t your mom’s minivan.
Most guys dream of owning a snazzy sports car to take on the ultimate getaway or a beastly SUV that can conquer rough roads. But priorities change when reality kicks in. Suddenly, you need space for the kids or the grandparents, or ...
With 5 new models coming this year, the company says 2021 will be its breakout year.
Maxus Philippines made its first foray into the highly competitive SUV segment at the start of the year with the introduction of the Maxus D60. At a time when the auto industry has been reeling from the negative effects of a contracted ...
The G50 is a “more-in-one” MPV.
Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) have become a practical choice for many consumers in recent years. Not as small as a regular sedan, but not as bulky as SUVs, MPVs serve a practical purpose: transport of as many people as possible. No wonder ...
Maxus Philippines has partnered with the leading ecommerce platform.
You can buy pretty much anything online these days. On Lazada, especially, the sky seems to be the limit. This latest announcement expands the offerings on the ecommerce site even further.Also read: Manny Pacquiao to Run for President, Reveals Bob ArumStarting June 5, customers ...
The Maxus vans start at P1.190 million.
Ayala unit AC Industrials officially launched Maxus as its sixth automotive brand partner in the Philippines on Wednesday, June 5. AC Industrials already distributes car brands Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Kia, and KTM Motorcyles.The Maxus brand has been in existence since 1896, when it ...
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