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The carmaker is doing its part to help save the pangolins.
Pangolins are as tough as they come in the wild. They’re the only mammals that have thick armored scales, which serves as their only means of protection aside from their wolverine-like claws against larger predatory mammals like cougars and lions. Unfortunately, they ...
We review the Mazda 6 2.2L Skyactiv-D 4DR.
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the Mazda 6’s case, it's undeniable even for one-eyed Jacks.The combo of the brand's Kodo design language shines through in any form and elements of the Mazda Vision Coupé (a ...
Here’s a review of the 2020 version of the Mazda3 1.5L A/T Sportback Elite.
It’s the second most affordable Mazda3 in the pricing tier but nothing about it says cheap, including a P1.320 million price tag. It’s worth every cent.Never have I been in a mass market unit, a base model really save for the “sportback” ...
We hit the Sepang International Circuit for all-new Mazda3 track day.
It was a sunny day when we touched down in Kuala Lumpur for the first event on the docket of a four-day, three-night trip to Malaysia organized by Mazda.We headed straight to Berman Glenmarie, a Mazda dealership and also the headquarters of ...
Here are the most interesting cars to hit the show floors in the past year, according to you
Manufacturers have debuted a handful of great concept cars recently. Here are some of the coolest.If you thought the Vision 6 coupe couldn't get any better, you were probably shocked to see the Cabriolet version. It looks like a yacht on wheels, ...
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