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It preserves the original glory of the building.
Most of us have a mental image of what a fast food restaurant looks like: hard linoleum tables and even harder chairs, soda-stained floors, bright lights that give you a headache as soon as you finish your value meal. It's always refreshing ...
Unknown to many, the chairman of Mcdonald's Philippines is also a singer and actor.
"Live Your Dreams” is the title of McDonald’s Philippines’recent commercial, featuring its Chairman, George Yang and iconic Filipino singer Jose Mari Chan belting “Let’s Stop and Talk a While” together.The video shows what happens when the two men switch places. Naturally, Chan ...
Just turn the cup ever so slightly and...sheesh!
Well. Twitter is in an uproar today. And how is that different than any other day, you ask? It's not, but today's uproar is...simultaneously warranted and hilarious? Basically, Japanese McDonald's locations released new cups for their summer McFizz drinks and, when held ...
Or should we say...behind their menu
There have always been rumors of a secret menu at McDonald's. In other countries, there are talks of a Big Mac Chicken or a a Monster Mac. There was that 10-piece Chicken Nuggets option that was eventually overshadowed by the widely covered ...
For that very specific craving.
Brought to life in the late '80s, the McPizza was McDonald's attempt to enter the world of fast-food 'za. It was essentially a ploy to offer more dinner-worthy options so they whipped up the pizzas with red sauce, mozzarella, pepperonis, and sausage ...
McCafe's first standalone shop in Manila could give other coffee shops a run for its money.
McDonald’s has come a long way from being a must-visit for your favorite hamburger and French fries combo. Today, the fast food empire has ventured into building and designing concept cafes that serve nothing but premium coffee with a dose of creative ...
It's the match-up we've all been waiting for.
A comparison of Jollibee Foods and McDonald's store locations in Metro Manila as of early January 2017 shows a surprising result. At 253, the number of Jollibee branches in the National Capital Region's 17 cities easily overwhelms McDonald's 164 stores. The figures were ...
Binge on these nuggets like you've always wanted in the comforts of your home.
Don't deny that you've never had dreams of propping up your own McDonald's at home a la Richie Rich. While you can probably come up with a burger and make is passable for a Big Mac, settle for frozen grocery fries when a ...
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