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It's shaping up to be a long legal battle.
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle—the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—have filed a trademark legal challenge against a Filipino business owner. Through the couple’s legal entity Cobblestone Lane LLC, the royals are opposing the use of the term “Archewell Harvatera,” which ...
Come home, Meghan. Hollywood loves you.
What a hump day for news! Here's what's up: The Oscars will not have a "traditional host" this year, for the second year running, much to my deep chagrin. Just before heading into the Television Critics Association winter press tour, ABC Entertainment ...
These watches have appeared at coronations, royal weddings, and engagements.
Luxury timepieces are markers of history, products of keen craftsmanship and bearers of heritage stories.For royals, as they are for everyone else, they're also a style statement, a memory, an inheritance, a family heirloom, or a prized possession of sentimental value.Below, the signature ...
It seems the soon-to-be royal can make a mean chicken adobo.
A video of Meghan Markle speaking in Tagalog made the rounds yesterday, much to the amusement of Filipinos everywhere. In the video, Markle was seen cheerily greeting onlookers during their visit to Edinburgh Castle on February 13. At one point, she met ...
She greeted a Filipino couple who caught the surprising moment on video.
A video of Meghan Markle was posted by Jenny Ulay on Facebook, showing Markle greeting Filipino fans in the vernacular. The video was reuploaded by Malcolm S Conlan and has since gone viral.This took place during the official royal tour of Prince ...
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