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"Ungkatan ng past?"
Veteran broadcast journalist Jessica Soho became the center of attention during her The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews show Saturday night (January 22) on GMA-7—and for all the right reasons.Soho was praised for being direct, tough in her questioning, polite, and conducting her ...
Even Grumpy Cat made $100,000,000—and it’s dead.
Who would have thought that 10 years down the line, becoming a meme might actually make you rich? They say that going viral is the new “15 minutes of fame,” but at least the subjects of the world’s most recognizable memes are ...
Looks like Charlie is a very rich boy now.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to take the internet by storm. The 2007 home video "Charlie Bit My Finger" was sold for a whopping $761,000 (P36.6 million) on Sunday, which marked the video's 14th anniversary on YouTube.The 55-second clip was one of the ...
Sisters and brothers from other mothers.
What do you know about Brazil? Probably just the basics: that it’s a country in South America, that a majority of the people speak Portugeues, and that it hosted the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. But it seems Filipinos and Brazilians ...
Here are the Internet's best jokes of the year.
In a few centuries from now, as crazy as it is to believe, historians might be looking at our memes to suss out exactly why we are the way we are. When they come to 2020, the memes will say that we ...
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