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The brand's iconic men's shoes are now in Manila.
Automobiles weren’t globalized until the 20th century, so when aspiring craftsmen and artisans uprooted themselves from their provincial settings in search of a new place–preferably a capital city–to trade their wares, they had to travel by foot.Founder John Lobb's early gritIn 1851, ...
Have these pairs and you're set for life.
A lot has been said about the usual discrepancy between the size of a woman’s shoe collection and that of her man’s. But let’s be honest here: The ladies have it right. While many men may scoff at the prospect of owning ...
Combining technical expertise with innovative fabrics, Paul&Shark makes a splash.
Paul&Shark, the Italian luxury “athleisure” brand, presented its newest clothing lines in a novel but appropriate manner, bringing select groups on a short cruise to experience firsthand the ethos of the label. As the private yacht pulled away from the dock, models showed ...
Male models stepped out of the Hermès spring-summer 2017 runway sporting 40 or 50 size versions of the iconic bag.
Ladies, if you think it’s hard getting your hands on that must-have Hermès Birkin, well, you’ve got even more competition now. In recent seasons, the French luxury house’s much lusted after bag has seen a surge in popularity among men, especially the ...
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