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With Naomi Osaka's French Open withdrawal and Kyrie Irving's fan incident, we're back to treating athletes like we always have.
Anyone remember when Kevin Love first opened up about his struggles with mental health? Back in 2018, he was one of the first NBA players to sit down and talk specifically about, you know, how it was a little bit stressful playing in today's ...
It’s real but barely spoken about.
Seeing all the social media posts during the holidays, you’d think people overdosed on Christmas cheer and just can’t help projecting it out into the world. But we all know Facebook isn’t real life, or, at least, doesn’t give us a complete ...
They're similar, but different.
Many people are familiar with the words psychopath and sociopath and are often cavalier about using them in everyday conversation. Because we mostly hear them said in movies and TV shows, we have some idea about what they mean, but in reality, ...
The #MoveforMentalHealth challenge calls for greater investment in mental well-being.
In the Worst Year Ever, World Mental Health Day, which happens tomorrow, October 10, is more important than ever. Around the world, the ill effects of the global pandemic on mental well-being are being felt more keenly by more people. Depression, anxiety, ...
The writer says he's felt better during lockdown than he has in a while. That says something about capitalism's relationship with mental health.
This is first and foremost a personal essay, about my own experiences. While I plan to make some broader observations, it must be understood that I speak from a privileged position. I’m young, have a roof over my head, food to eat, ...
You're not alone if you've been having more dreams lately.
Have you been having weird and intense dreams lately? If you have been experiencing strange and vivid dreams during quarantine, you may be experiencing what is called pandemic dreams.Psychologists at the Dream Research Institute in London and Harvard University in Massachusetts are ...
The actor shares his mental health issues with the public for the first time.
There is a stigma cast around mental health that prevents people from talking about it, especially for men. Men talking about their mental health may be beyond the concept of what society traditionally sees as “manly.”  Yesterday, actor Paulo Avelino broke that stigma by speaking ...
Is it okay to tell your boss about your mental health issues?
“I’m bipolar.”The words escaped my lips before I realized it. “Clinically diagnosed, I mean.” I made it a point to clarify this wasn’t just a faux pas of the often-maligned disorder.I hadn't planned on revealing it at the interview, but I did. ...
The lack of conversation about men’s mental health leaves less opportunity to seek genuine support systems for those who need it.
While the Philippines has recently been more open to conversations about mental health in general, hardly any attention has been paid to men’s mental health, in particular. In 2016, reported cases of suicide in the Philippines were at 2,413. Of that number, ...
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