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Yes, there is such a thing.
Christmas is known to be a season of joy and giving for most people. However, for some, the yuletide season creates unwanted stress and pressure. The holiday rush, the pandemic scare, the bills piling up, the pending work, and the pressure to put on ...
Shock and disbelief overwhelmed me, and then guilt. 
It was two in the morning when I saw his green little dot on Messenger. “Hey, how are you?” I asked.Aaron just turned 19. He is the youngest in the family, and he lives in the province with the parents. This year, he ...
It’s called the Lemon Test, and it may just be the new determiner of introversion.
Ever wanted to confirm whether you’re an introvert or not? Well, it looks like there’s a test that might confirm that, but it might be a little messy. A quick lemon test might be enough to tell you if you’re an introvert of ...
Many people feel stress, worry, and grief amid the pandemic.
Although many people might not be aware of it, anxiety brought by the pandemic is common. According to the CDC, it is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what’s important is how you deal with ...
Interest in mental health services during pandemic surges in PH and rest of Southeast Asia.
Apart from the physical effects of COVID-19, it’s no secret that the virus also has a profound toll on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found about four in 10 adults in the U.S. ...
Unwind with this playlist.
Ever find yourself searching for lofi songs on YouTube and browsing for piano playlists on Spotify? You’re not the only one. Music has a way of reducing stress and dealing with tough times, so it’s no wonder that science has confirmed, more ...
With Naomi Osaka's French Open withdrawal and Kyrie Irving's fan incident, we're back to treating athletes like we always have.
Anyone remember when Kevin Love first opened up about his struggles with mental health? Back in 2018, he was one of the first NBA players to sit down and talk specifically about, you know, how it was a little bit stressful playing in today's ...
It’s real but barely spoken about.
Seeing all the social media posts during the holidays, you’d think people overdosed on Christmas cheer and just can’t help projecting it out into the world. But we all know Facebook isn’t real life, or, at least, doesn’t give us a complete ...
They're similar, but different.
Many people are familiar with the words psychopath and sociopath and are often cavalier about using them in everyday conversation. Because we mostly hear them said in movies and TV shows, we have some idea about what they mean, but in reality, ...
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