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No more confusing chat groups!
Fresh from rolling out its "unsend" and "dark mode" features, Facebook Messenger continues to innovate its app with yet another handy update. With its newest reply feature (much like WhatsApp's), you can now reply to a specific message on your chat without ...
Here's to the billions of messages, photos, and emojis that didn't get posted.
Yesterday, millions of people seemed to have more free time than usual, as they were unable to access their Facebook accounts. This extended to other apps owned by Facebook such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.Facebook revealed on its official Twitter page that ...
Until now, that is.
Facebook's messaging platform, Messenger, is almost becoming as popular as Facebook itself. As of April this year, Messenger already has 1.2 billion users and counting—so close to Facebook's 2 billion users.Aside from being Facebook’s official messaging app, Messenger is evolving into an ...
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