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HBO's Leaving Neverland has put the property back in the news.
Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch is back on the market, now at a fraction of its original asking price. The 2,700 acre property, listed for $100 million in 2015, saw its asking price lowered in 2017 to $67 million. After the property remained ...
Michael Jackson's defenders claim the singer's accusers were not “perfect” victims. This makes them, of course, perfect victims.
Every alleged offender of the #MeToo era has had his defenders. Lindsay Lohan “felt very bad” for Harvey Weinstein. Javier Bardem was “shocked” by the treatment of Woody Allen. Erykah Badu professed her unconditional love for R. Kelly. But no accused celebrity offender has ...
A lawsuit claims that they are.
For most of the last decade, Michael Jackson fans have questioned the authenticity of three songs that appeared on the posthumous album, Michael. Of the many Michael Jackson conspiracy theories out there, this one is absolutely the most believable. In fact, in 2014, ...
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