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That's nothing compared to the $100 million he turned down for a two-hour appearance, though.
Michael Jordan is known all over for many things. From sports and business, the 58-year-old has definitely made his mark in the world. So much so, in fact, that from his appearances alone, he could literally make millions and millions of dollars.In one ...
You might think The Last Dance said it all, but a new film thinks not.
If you watched all 10 episodes of Netflix and ESPN’s recent Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance, you might think you’ve got the guy pretty well covered. You’ve savored every spectacular championship-winning basket, scrutinized every petty rivalry, celebrated every under-sung team-mate, gasped at ...
In the aftermath of another record-breaking sale, streetwear has become big business on the auction block
To the untrained eye, the shoes appear unremarkable. A well-worn pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s, the perforated leather on the toe is creased, the ankles have begun to cave and there are scuffs on the red leather and the inside swoosh. ...
Sneakerheads, celebrities, and athletes alike are all busting out their best Jordan gear to celebrate the GOAT.
It’s become a ritual for Marvin Barias. The sneaker aficionado, who regards collecting Air Jordans as his professional career, has been digging through his deep stash of vintage shoes, clothes, and memorabilia every Sunday to pull out relics from his collection.No, he ...
People close to the former Chicago Bulls star say he's been "wounded and disappointed" by ESPN's documentary series.
People close to the former Chicago Bulls star say he's been "wounded and disappointed" by ESPN's documentary series.The Last Dance was never going to make everyone happy. When you make something like ESPN’s documentary series about the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls dynasty—counting up ...
An intimate assessment of the GOAT's '90s style.
It is, as it turns out, exactly what we needed right now. The Last Dance, ESPN 30 for 30’s 10-part docuseries about the 1990s Chicago Bulls, is an illuminating look into Michael Jordan’s NBA career on the court, as well as off. Not only ...
Why the golden age of sportswear keeps coming back again and again and again.
I have this recurring clothing fantasy where I'm transported back to Nike Town circa 1994 and given an unlimited credit card (that or a giant bag of cash with a comically-large dollar sign on it) and am allowed to run wild. Just ...
He was merciless toward the late Jerry Krause.
Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing during the 1998 NBA Finals. It was the culmination of what Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson coined “The Last Dance,” knowing that it was the team’s final shot at the championship.The Last ...
The story means something different today than it meant two decades ago.
When it released in 1996, Space Jam was a blockbuster. Not just because it featured the greatest basketball player of a generation (ever?). Not just because Jordan was supported by Bill Murray, Wayne Knight, and Bugs Bunny. Not just because it launched ...
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