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“So recklessly does our world move now that ignorance outpaces understanding, and so many of us judge without thinking,” one character says.
The new novel by Miguel Syjuco opens with a description of the presidential penis—a thick “birdie”—by Vita Nova, a starlet paramour-turned-politician in the first of a series of tell-all interviews about the most powerful man in the land.I Was the President’s Mistress!! screams ...
What happens when your first novel becomes an important piece of Filipino literature? You take that as a cue to start finding yourself.
Here is the story so far.Miguel Syjuco, then 31, then a largely unpublished writer, won the second Man Asian Literary Prize given out in 2008. That year, he beat out Alfred A. Yuson, Ian Rosales Casocot, and Lakambini Sitoy, among other writers ...
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